Testing Out Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6.

Hello everyone. This week I have taken off Tuesday and will continue to keep on going with Saturdays’ and Sundays’ off.

Today I, just before writing this I checked out the poll question that is on the left side of the page (By the way it is up until September 30th, 2008), found out that the readers wanted more on the topic of Linux. Since I have started hearing what the readers have to say I will start soon moving back over to Ubuntu. Possibly by the end of the week since the weekend is near and I have school Monday thru Friday. Though to remind you that I cannot fully switch over to ubuntu as I have some programs that I am not going to name that I have to use for my classes. I will be dualbooting Windows and Ubuntu for a while… atleast until I end this semester which will be in February.

So I have been testing out Ubuntu Ibex since it was released last Thursday and it is pretty nice and running smooth. And the best part is that I can run it in the virtual machine that I have set up. Before this one came out I could not test it… which was very unfortunate for me as I like to test things out while the projects are still being worked on.

I did hear about the next Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope coming out… I just did not write about it because I knew so many other sites would write about it as soon as they got that note which always comes around 4 in the morning (PDT) and I began to write about it, because as I saw on other blogs that morning it was all over the place.

So last Friday I downloaded the alpha 6 and said to myself I hope this works or else I am really wasting my bandwidth which since I download many Linux Distributions is so close to being filled. That day was the longest day that I have ever seen to download a 700 MB Ubuntu Live CD. It was only 65% done in 2 hours, so I talked to Tom Dryer from http://tombuntu.com and he said it only had taken him 15 minutes to download… anyway that went on for me until I found out what was the problem. Though I cannot say it here online, I may mention it sometime later though I most likely will not. So I fixed that problem and the speed went up 200x the speed (from 3kb/s to 600kb/s) then there was only 5 – 10 minutes left of the download.  While I was waiting for the download to finish I installed Virtual Box ( http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads ) and installed it onto my laptop.

After Ubuntu finished downloading, I decided to try it out. I opened Virtualbox. Created the .vdi. Grabbed the .iso. Ran the Virtual Machine. Finally got it installed after waiting months for Intrepid to work on my laptop (The whole installation was only 4 – 12 minutes.) It is a great distro. Works like a charm. There was nothing wrong and I had no bugs to work out. Everything just worked. Like I said I will soon have this running on my laptop which is, I know I know I am not supposed to run it on a production machine but hey it will help the developers from Ubuntu, great to test and see how it works.

A week tomorrow the 8.10 Beta will come out and I will upgrade soon after. I really like the new dark theme. To me it really looks like coffee. I have already got my mom using Ubuntu for the media center that I have down in the Family Room to play movies and her tv shows she bought from the store.

Overall I really like the new Ubuntu and I wish the developers the best of luck while working on it.

Ryan Orser.

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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