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How to Remaster Ubuntu – Part 2 of 2

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

This is part 2 of my series on how to remaster Ubuntu. See yesterday’s post for part 1.

After remastersys is installed you need to open your terminal. Run the next command as root, I’ll do this using sudo: sudo remastersys-gui

After closing all your windows (which is what I did following the advice in the window), click OK and start going through the steps. I used the modify option to name the ISO and specify the disk name that will be displayed. I then went back to the other options and clicked on create Live CD or DVD.

After that was all done Remastersys created an ISO and md5sum. It was all very easy, I bet my nana could do it!

How to Remaster Ubuntu – Part 1 of 2

Monday, September 8th, 2008

I found an interesting article in the newest edition (issue 16) of the Full Circle Magazine about remastering an Ubuntu disk. I decided to try it for myself. I wanted to see if I could make presents for my family (I give each member of my family Ubuntu CDs every year in December and for their birthdays). By remastering a disk could give them something that was half made by me. I decided to install programs onto the disk that I thought would be useful to each person.

For my grandparents I would likely give them some games and an email client along with OpenOffice. As my nana loves to play Hoyle, a very old game that makes her XP machine (which I just reinstalled because they had a thriving spyware and virus infestation), turn on compatibility mode for Hoyle since it is so old.

My grandpa loves email and he works for his strata (as my nana calls it, “Mayor”), so he needs an office application that would work for his needs. He uses Outlook Express and Microsoft Works on a machine that has a Sempron processor. I think he would enjoy the speed of his computer much more then he does with XP on it. He does not really like to try new things, so I might have to work on him a little bit harder to try Ubuntu. (When I had to reinstall Windows on the computer he was really nervous and almost said that he would rather have it with the spyware on it. I finally talked him out of that and told him that he would have a faster computer then he did before the reinstallation.)

My aunt has problems with her new Dell. It seems to be shutting down for some reason. I am not sure if I can stop that unless I can figure out what is going wrong. I might just try my remastered live DVD her laptop. Who knows, it may just work out fine.

Here is how to download the remastering application: It’s called Remastersys. If you click the link it will take you to the site to download the deb file which will install onto your Debian based system.

This is the end of the first part of my series on how to remaster Ubuntu. Join me again tomorrow to create the ISO image.

Two Part Post

Friday, September 5th, 2008

This weekend I am going to write a Two (2) Part Post about how to remaster the Ubuntu Distribution and distribute it to others. Hopefully this doesn’t take to long to do.

Ryan Orser.

iPod and iPhone Application Review: IMPlus

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

IMPlus is an instant messenger client for the ipod touch and iPhone. I do not believe that the effort put into this project has really worked out as I fail to see how easy it is to use. Sure the logging in is easy enough, but having to jump through a few hoops to get the typing figured out as it does NOT support turning the iPod over to use it as a widescreen im client. I had to try this out to see if it was any good. I have to face that not all free programs have as much ease of use as the paid programs. I do not have much more to say. I barely wanted to write this review, but I guess it will be the right thing to do for people who may have fat fingers like mine.

Overall I would give this a 2/5 on functionality, 2/5 on fun the fun to use factor, and a 4/5 on the Graphical User Interface (GUI). That brings it to a total of 8/15. Good luck working on a better version so that I will try it out.

Ryan Orser

UPDATE: Here are some images:

Online and Offline Page

inbox page for IMPlus


Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Well, I decided you may want to give some input into what I write. So I decided to put out a poll that will help me understand what it is readers want to read.

Here are the basics:

  1. You can vote for 1 or 2 options in the poll. If you have more answers you will have to pick 2 of your favorite answers to vote for.
  2. To find these polls just look to the left of the post. There will likely be 1 a week, maybe more sometimes.

Thank you for voting as it will help me to understand what you, the readers want to see.

Ryan Orser.

iPod and iPhone Applications Review: Bubbles

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Bubbles is an iPod Touch and iPhone application that is, well, different from the other bubble popping applications. Bubbles is a “game” that you can create bubbles by placing one or two fingers on to the touch screen and drag them around. That creates the bubbles that are going to be on the screen. Then you can pop them just by tapping your finger on the bubbles… it is harder then it looks, trust me as I have played this until I fell asleep because I was so bored and that was when I was on the bus to go see my grand parents. Luckily this game will not last much longer on my iPod as I cannot seem to find a use for it… maybe I will play it while someone is giving a lesson at school if it isn’t so great being back to Math 11 for an upgrade to get a better mark. Who knows what I will do with this game, and I may just keep it on for a little while longer just to see if this program gets any updates and if it does I will write about it if it isn’t any better then before.

Overall I have to grade it… well maybe give it to a grinding wheel as there is almost nothing to grade it that will give it a good mark. For the fun category maybe for a little kid this maybe fun to play with for about 5 or 6 minutes but there will be no enjoyment as someone, the kid or the person who is hanging out with him gets bored I will give it a 1/5 on the fun that comes with it. I would give the functionality, though there is little of it a 2/5 for a small but unworthy bonus. I guess I have to give it something so that it will be out of 15… hmm. I really think that I should put in a boringness factor which would give it a high mark though in my opinion it would lower the mark. I will give it 0.5/5 for the boring factor as I do not want to give it a negative score. I am not really that hard a marker but if there is something that really bugs me then I will say it … and this is one of these things that bug me a lot. So in the end I will give this a 2.5/15 (that is 1 for the fun factor, 2 for the functionality, and a -0.5 for the boringness factor.)

I hope these developer(s) keep working on it to get to the next level of fun. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Create different color bubbles?
  2. Be a little more creative
  3. Maybe try making different shaped bubbles. Anything might help it.

I hope that this criticism is not to hard on them as I cannot really create iPhone or iPod Touch Applications as I do not have a mac. Though I would like to say thank you for your work in making the iPhone or iPod Touch a better toy or phone to have.

Ryan Orser.