Windows 7 vs. Vista

I read in my PCWorld magazine that on the tests that they did the computers barely ran any faster with windows 7 then they did with Windows Vista. All I can say is that is a load of crap! My sister who was running Vista switched to 7 and has seen significant improvements. Her boot up was way over a minute long and when using 7 it halved that time. She loves the speed of the boot up of her computer and not only that her application start up time is way faster then ever before.

Her computers specs are as follows:
* 2 gb of ram
* intel pentium dual-core processor.

So truly this should be a slow computer even with 7 but with vista if you wanted to open an application you might as well go get a 2 minute snack that will be easy enough to eat before the application start up screen comes up.

Hey I am not complaining as for the geek in the house I get the high end computers that will last for years without breaking. My sister on the other hand uses a low end computer. She needed something for school and that’s just about all she does with it. She uses MSN, word processors, and paint. Not really the high CPU usage applications.

That’s my rant for this month. Thanks for reading,
Ryan Orser.

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  1. ghem78CD Says:

    the interface of Windows 7 is great but in my opinion Windows XP is still a very solid and stable operating system. Right now, I would never give up XP for Windows 7.

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