The Witless Wireless

The wireless adapter I have is a Belkin F5D8053 wireless adapter that when used on MS Windows takes a lot of time to find the driver and then another few minutes of getting it working after a lengthy installation. I had put this adapter in the computer a long time ago (at least a month to be sure) and I decided to install Ubuntu 9.04 as a well it is summer and my parents will not be needing the computer (it is mine by the way.)

I just looked over my shoulder at the wireless adapter and it is flashing. I was “What is going on?” and this was after I installed Ubuntu. I have had tonnes of problems with wireless adapter drivers and Linux. Let me tell you this was a shock. The wifi adapter driver was actually built-in to the OS. I just went on thinking that this was impossible to actually do before Ubuntu 9.04 as I was using it with Ubuntu 8.10 and it did not work at all. All I had to do was install 9.04 and yah it works… I only figured that out today and I had installed in about 2 days ago.

Thanks to the wifi adapter I can take this desktop downstairs and play games on the LCD tv that I have as well.

Ryan Orser.

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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