Karmic Koala Alpha 6: Best Yet

I have written before about how unhappy I was about Karmic Koala. That was with Alpha 1. 5 alpha later and it looks darn good, feels faster, and worth looking at again. For some reason the default server for downloading updates is from the US. I decided to go back to the main server as for updates that would have taken more then an hour to download would only take less then 20 minutes.

I also like how there is now an Ubuntu software store. The Ubuntu software store has the downloads of applications that are in the Add/Remove Programs is under the Applications Menu.

There is just something different about Karmic then there was before. The installer looks great. It is simple, and easy to use. For the filesystem I am using EXT 4. One thing about the installer that bugs me is that it has the look of the XP installer because of the fact that it says how much better it is.

When I logged in I found Firefox 3.5.3 loaded (at this point it is the latest release of Firefox) and I found Evolution waiting on the top toolbar on my desktop. I am sad to say that Pidgin is not the default IM client anymore as Empathy has taken over.

All in all I believe Karmic Koala Alpha 6 is the best version of Karmic Koala yet and is going to be great when the final release comes out.

Ryan Orser.

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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  1. GeekG Says:

    Wait For Beta And You’ll Adore It.
    Wait Till Final Release You’ll Never Forget It …!!! 😛

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