Fedora 12 Review

In the installation I used Virtualbox 3.1.4 with the specs of 512mb of RAM, 8 mb of video memory and a dynamically expanding 8.00 GB hard drive.

Fedora 12 was the fastest install of Linux that I have ever seen. The speed of the OS is very fast as well. Some of the applications include:

  1. Abiword instead of Openoffice that I am used to.
  2. Empathy which was included instead of Pidgin
  3. gnote which is a rebranded form of Tomboy Notes
  4. Cheese Webcam Booth

Fedora 12 now has Firefox 3.5 which is the 2nd fastest web browser in its family since Firefox 3.6 came out. The new Fedora has some nice wallpapers for the background. Lots of the wallpapers are blue themed which is in line with Fedoras’ color scheme. There are some with grass and other plants such as flowers or leaves.

Overall the GUI looks very nice, the speed is a great asset to have and the applications are great. I would reccomend Fedora 12 to anyone who really wants to use Linux.

Ryan Orser.

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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