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Paranoid Android on the iPod Touch

Friday, July 9th, 2010

When I heard that you could put android on your iPhones and iPod touch, I was fascinated. I was wondering how long it would take to come out. I found out that it was already out.

I started by hacking my iPod touch with red snow. I found out that you need to hack the iPod with blackra1n. I then restored my ipod to the 3.1.2 so that I can hack it again with blackra1n.

With a hacked iPod I could install openiboot. When openiboot was installed I could then boot into ios so that I could transfer the images to the /private/var/ folder so I could change the permissions to 777. I then booted the iPod and booted into android 1.6. It was cool, but there are a few bugs. For example there is buggy wifi, but overall it is not so bad.

I then remembered that android 2.2 was recently released. So I found the images and installed a new openiboot. I am now able to run android 2.2 (Froyo) but since the idroid with froyo is in prerelease so it has quite a bit of bugs such as wifi not working. I have no problem with it as it is faster then android 1.6 that is also on the iPod.

Overall it is cool and I cannot wait for froyo to be released for the iPod and iPhone so that I can test it out when it is released.

To read more about idroid go to

Ryan Orser.

How to install GTalk with WINE

Monday, March 24th, 2008

This is a step by step walkthrough on how to install GTalk in Ubuntu Hardy Heron. As usual I take absolutely no responsibility for anything that may happen, which means use at your own risk.

What you need: googletalk-setup.exe, Wine

First install wine! if you use ubuntu then use this command: sudo apt-get install wine

Now you have to find, if you do not already have it googletalk-setup.exe.

When you have found and downloaded googletalk-setup.exe use Wine to open the setup.

Then click the button ‘I Agree’

Now that Gtalk is installed click off the ‘Set Google as the default search engine in Internet Explorer’ and click ‘Finish’

The Pros and the Cons:

Pro: Google Talk is installed
Con: Google Talk will not authenticate

Google’s “Knol” Reinvents Wikipedia

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Wow a new kind of Wikipedia…. only from Google.

Google’s “Knol” Reinvents Wikipedia

Posted by CmdrTaco on Friday December 14, @08:31AM
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teslatug writes “Google appears to be reinventing Wikipedia with their new product that they call knol (not yet publicly available). In an attempt to gather human knowledge, Google will accept articles from users who will be credited with the article by name. If they want, they can allow ads to appear alongside the content and they will be getting a share of the profits if that’s the case. Other users will be allowed to rate, edit or comment on the articles. The content does not have to be exclusive to Google but no mention is made on any license for it. Is this a better model for free information gathering?”


source from

Google Summer of Code Extends to Highschoolers

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

If only they did that for last year then I could have been working on the Google Summer of Code. Anyways its too late now for that to happen for me since i am in Grade 12. Here is the story from :

Google Summer of Code Extends to Highschoolers

Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday November 28, @11:00AM
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phobonetik writes “Building on three successful years of engaging University students with over one hundred open source projects, the Google Summer of Code program is being complemented with the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, launched today. Running initially as a pilot involving 10 open source projects, the contest is open to any student enrolled in highschool education. Students choose from a list of several hundred predetermined tasks that improve the open source project, and get paid small sums for their successful completion. At the end of the contest (4th Feb 2008), each of the ten open source projects nominate their best contributor, who wins a grand prize.” I wish there would have been something like this when I was in high school… I wonder how great my BBS door games would have been if there was a chance of getting cash and trips.


Maybe its not too late after all! 😀


Google wins search share at expense of Yahoo, Microsoft

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007


Google widened its lead over the competition by winning 58.5 percent of all U.S. searches last month, up 1.5 percentage points over September. Yahoo took second place with 22.9 percent of the search market, down from 23.7 percent, while third ranked Microsoft dropped to 9.7 percent from 10.3 percent.

Ask Network remained steady at fourth place with 4.7 percent of the U.S. search market in October, while Time Warner Network dropped a tad to 4.2 percent from 4.3 percent a month earlier, ComScore reported.

Google captured 6.1 billion of the 10.5 billion Internet searches Americans conducted in October, ComScore said, far more than second place Yahoo’s 2.4 billion.

This is good for google but not good for yahoo or microsoft.

2007/10/23 Shuttle Launches Despite Bad Weather

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Yeah the Rocket launched this morning despite bad weather. more from

Shuttle Launches Despite Bad Weather
New York Times – 3 hours ago
By JOHN SCHWARTZ The shuttle Discovery thundered off the pad to space this morning on a construction mission to the International Space Station that will bring the new “Harmony” module to the orbiting laboratory.
Shuttle Astronauts Launch on Ambitious Space Station Mission
Space Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off ABC News
Guardian Unlimited – Reuters – Wired News – Voice of America
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2007/10/22 Internet Archive Challenges Google

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Is this really a good idea?  article from

Internet Archive Challenges Google

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richards1052 writes “The Internet Archive, whose main claim to fame is the Wayback Machine, designed to archive the internet’s web history, has created a new project: the Open Content Alliance. It’s purpose is to open the nation’s library collections to universal web search. A number of major library systems, including the Boston Public Library and Smithsonian, have refused to sign up with competing ventures by Microsoft and Google because they do not provide for universal access to digitized books. These commercial ventures prohibit books being accessed by competing search engines. So far, 80 libraries and research institutions have signed on with Open Content Alliance. They must pay for the scanning of their books while Google and Microsoft offset that cost for their participating institutions.”

Maybe others will come around in the future.


2007/09/14 Gates Successor Says Microsoft Laid Foundation for Google

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Here is a crazy story from

Gates Successor Says Microsoft Laid Foundation for Google

Posted by Zonk on Friday September 14, @11:43AM
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thefickler writes “According to Bill Gates’ successor Craig Mundie, there would have been no Google without Microsoft. ‘I mean, the fact is: Google’s existence and success required Microsoft to have been successful previously to create the platform that allowed them to go on and connect people to their search servers. Now, Microsoft’s business is not to control the platform per se, but in fact to allow it to be exploited by the world’s developers. The fact that we have it out there gives us a good business, but in some ways it doesn’t give us an advantage over any of the other developers in terms of being able to utilize it.’ This comment comes from a lengthy interview between Mundie and APC magazine, which talks with the newly installed strategy and R&D head. Other interesting topics discussed include the future of Microsoft and Windows, OOXML, and and the ‘rise of Linux’ on the desktop.”

This I think is crap!


2007/09/02 Will the Pope Declare Google Evil?

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Here is an interesting story from slashdot:

Will the Pope Declare Google Evil?

Posted by kdawson on Sunday September 02, @01:52PM
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theodp writes “In the next few days, Pope Benedict XVI plans to issue his second encyclical, in which he is expected to denounce the use of tax havens as socially unjust and immoral in that they cheat the greater well-being of society. He is also expected to argue that the globalized economic world needs to be regulated. Prime technology companies playing the offshore ‘profit laundering’ game include Dell, Google, Microsoft, and Sun, who set up subsidiaries in Ireland, where the corporate tax rate is a low 12.5% and no taxes are charged on royalties (e.g. from patents).”