Paranoid Android on the iPod Touch

When I heard that you could put android on your iPhones and iPod touch, I was fascinated. I was wondering how long it would take to come out. I found out that it was already out.

I started by hacking my iPod touch with red snow. I found out that you need to hack the iPod with blackra1n. I then restored my ipod to the 3.1.2 so that I can hack it again with blackra1n.

With a hacked iPod I could install openiboot. When openiboot was installed I could then boot into ios so that I could transfer the images to the /private/var/ folder so I could change the permissions to 777. I then booted the iPod and booted into android 1.6. It was cool, but there are a few bugs. For example there is buggy wifi, but overall it is not so bad.

I then remembered that android 2.2 was recently released. So I found the images and installed a new openiboot. I am now able to run android 2.2 (Froyo) but since the idroid with froyo is in prerelease so it has quite a bit of bugs such as wifi not working. I have no problem with it as it is faster then android 1.6 that is also on the iPod.

Overall it is cool and I cannot wait for froyo to be released for the iPod and iPhone so that I can test it out when it is released.

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Ryan Orser.

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