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  • Another Job!

    I start working as an Help Desk Technician on August 20th for the Surrey School District. That would make it 14 Months and 5 Days after getting out of BCIT. Ryan Orser.

  • Paranoid Android on the iPod Touch

    When I heard that you could put android on your iPhones and iPod touch, I was fascinated. I was wondering how long it would take to come out. I found out that it was already out. I started by hacking my iPod touch with red snow. I found out that you need to hack the […]

  • iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

    Today I got the Apple bluetooth keyboard from Futureshop. it was easy to setup with the bluetooth tab in the iPad settings menu. It looks like the macintosh keyboard. Silver with white keys and it is really nice to type on. I can use this keyboard to work on my bcit work next year. Ryan […]

  • iPad Review

    I got my iPad in Florida when I went on a trip to Disney world. When I got it someone had just returned this one still packaged up because their kid wanted one with more room on the solid state drive. When I got the iPad back to my hotel I synced it with my […]

  • iPad review coming soon.

    Today I just got an iPad. Later this week when I have had a chance to play with it a bit I will review it. So far so good.

  • iPod Touch App Review: WordPress

    Where to begin? How about all that trouble I have had with this very application. I tried using this one back in August and never got it working at all. That all changed last Friday as the winds were blowing past my house. I decided that I would give it one final try. I guess […]

  • iPod and iPhone Applications Review: Bubbles

    Bubbles is an iPod Touch and iPhone application that is, well, different from the other bubble popping applications. Bubbles is a “game” that you can create bubbles by placing one or two fingers on to the touch screen and drag them around. That creates the bubbles that are going to be on the screen. Then […]

  • Review of Flock 2.0 Beta (two)

    Flock is a great browser which is for people that are very social. I for one am not very social, though I am going to not make any judgment for this in any part of my review. This browser is cool looking, fun to use, and enjoyable to work with. I really do like this […]

  • How to get iTunes working in Ubuntu Gutsy

    Did you ever want to use your iPod without Windows or Macintosh? Have you tried to run iTunes in Linux but never could be able to? Here is the answer: You will need to get iTunes which you can download here. After you download iTunes install it with wine. (any wine that is […]

  • Review: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year Part 2

    Yah. The second and final part of this series on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year.  System configuration. Everyone has to configure the OS at some time. Ubuntu wants you to scroll through a bunch of icons on the System dropdown menu, which is so old-school […]