How to get iTunes working in Ubuntu Gutsy

Did you ever want to use your iPod without Windows or Macintosh? Have you tried to run iTunes in Linux but never could be able to? Here is the answer:

  1. You will need to get iTunes which you can download here.
  2. After you download iTunes install it with wine. (any wine that is later then 0.9.45 will do)
  3. After your installation of iTunes is done go to your wine menu and click on Programs>iTunes>iTunes.
  4. Go through the steps which you agree with the license agreement, click if you want to keep the files organized with yourself or iTunes will do it for you, it may say that the registry is not working so it needs to be reinstalled ( its just fine) click next and go through until you finally launch itunes and make sure that all of your music is there.
  5. Yahoo its working.

I hope this helps the average Linux user with an iPod

warning may cause your computer to run slowly.

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