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  • iPad Review

    I got my iPad in Florida when I went on a trip to Disney world. When I got it someone had just returned this one still packaged up because their kid wanted one with more room on the solid state drive. When I got the iPad back to my hotel I synced it with my […]

  • iPod Touch App Review: WordPress

    Where to begin? How about all that trouble I have had with this very application. I tried using this one back in August and never got it working at all. That all changed last Friday as the winds were blowing past my house. I decided that I would give it one final try. I guess […]

  • How to get your iPod working in Ubuntu

    Here are these simple steps to getting your iPod working in Ubuntu using the application GTKPod. As usual I take no responsibility for whatever happens to your computer and/or iPod. Step 1: Back up your iPod’s songs, podcasts, photos and contacts. Step 2: Restore your iPod to factory settings. Step 3: Plug in your iPod […]

  • How to get iTunes working in Ubuntu Gutsy

    Did you ever want to use your iPod without Windows or Macintosh? Have you tried to run iTunes in Linux but never could be able to? Here is the answer: You will need to get iTunes which you can download here. After you download iTunes install it with wine. (any wine that is […]