2007/04/05 thursday: Linux Mint 2.2 Beta (”KDE”)!

here is what i think is just another copy of Ubuntu: Linux Mint. I think that it could be a little less like Ubuntu and should go and make sure that it following the path that Kubuntu has gone!

The first beta release of the “KDE” edition of Linux Mint 2.2 is now ready for testing: “This is the first release candidate for the KDE Edition of Bianca. As this is our first try at a modern KDE desktop, please give us as much feedback as possible on this release. The desktop is KDE 3.5.6 and the kernel is 2.6.17. This release comes with support for multimedia codecs and encrypted DVDs. The latest Flash and Java plugins are also installed by default. The default email reader is KMail/Kontact. KOffice 1.6.2 replaces OpenOffice.org as the default office suite and the default web browser is Firefox Amarok was upgraded to version 1.4.5.” Read the rest of the release notes for more details. Download (MD5) the DVD image from here: LinuxMint-2.2-KDE-BETA-020.iso (803MB).

that is the release announcement of Linux Mint 2.2 Beta “KDE” Bianca edition.

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