2007/04/13 Friday: The Feisty RC: Validation Problems??

Not another Delay….. It has been said that the Feisty RC has been delayed. all because of validation bugs. this is very unfortunate since the Release is supposedly less then 7 days away. Here is the mailing list telling us about it:

Today’s Topics:

1. Ubuntu 7.04 release candidate delayed due to validation bugs
(Colin Watson)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 18:32:55 +0100
From: Colin Watson
Subject: Ubuntu 7.04 release candidate delayed due to validation bugs
To: ubuntu-devel-announce@lists.ubuntu.com
Message-ID: <20070412173254.GI4163@riva.ucam.org>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”us-ascii”

The Ubuntu 7.04 release candidate (due today) has been delayed due to
bugs discovered during validation testing, specifically problems with
certain ATA chipsets and problems with the connection status displayed
by the network-manager panel applet. There is no updated ETA yet, but
the core development team is actively working on the problems and expect
it to be a matter of days.

We’ll put out a further announcement when more is known, and in the
meantime we ask our testing community to stay alert for notices of
specific changes that need to be tested.


Colin Watson

End of ubuntu-devel-announce Digest, Vol 18, Issue 6

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