2007/07/22 I got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Yesterday

I got the newest and final edition of the Harry Potter Series Yesterday (July 21st, 2007) at 12:01 AM. I only slept yesterday for about 9 hours out of a possible 12 that i can usually sleep. So I woke up yesterday in good spirits… just to find that the book was not on my bedside table that morning! It seems that when i went downstairs my mom was reading it an had taken it out of my room when she was letting the dog out (the dog locked herself in so it was not my fault, though it could also be because of the air pressure as it changes while going through my window into the house.) I have read so far as of 10:15 PM  last night about 450 of the 607 pages that are in the book! Yesterday night (July 21st, 2007) I went to sleep at around 2 AM since i was reading Harry Potter. Today I have not (yet) gone to sleep as i will be reading Harry Potter! I plan to have this final Harry Potter book done before tonight (around 5:00 PM) and to know the final ending which ofcourse I will not tell (I promise.) that is all for now as i have a lot more reading to do.

Ryan Orser.

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