Month: November 2007

  • Quality Open Source Calendaring / Scheduling?

    Here is a question for all those people who need an opensource calendar. Quality Open Source Calendaring / Scheduling? Posted by kdawson on Thursday November 29, @12:30PM from the date-for-a-date dept. Jim R. Wilson writes “In past jobs, I’ve used Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Novell Groupwise, and Google Calendar for handling business appointments. I’m sorry to say […]

  • Google Summer of Code Extends to Highschoolers

    If only they did that for last year then I could have been working on the Google Summer of Code. Anyways its too late now for that to happen for me since i am in Grade 12. Here is the story from : Google Summer of Code Extends to Highschoolers Posted by CmdrTaco on […]

  • Google wins search share at expense of Yahoo, Microsoft

    from Google widened its lead over the competition by winning 58.5 percent of all U.S. searches last month, up 1.5 percentage points over September. Yahoo took second place with 22.9 percent of the search market, down from 23.7 percent, while third ranked Microsoft dropped to 9.7 percent from 10.3 percent. Ask Network remained steady […]

  • Nano Safety Worries Scientists More Than Public

    Here is a blog post on the safety worries on Nanotech: Article from Nano Safety Worries Scientists More Than Public Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday November 26, @10:00AM from the what-aren’t-they-telling-us dept. Nanotech Coward writes “The unknown human health and environmental impacts of nanotechnology are a bigger worry for scientists than for the public, […]

  • Friday 2007/11/23 Upcoming Reviews

    Linux Mint Pioneer Linux KDE 4 RC live CD (OpenSuSE) Vector Linux 5.9 RC and last but not least: Pardus

  • What to Protect in Open Source Software

    article from What to Protect in Open Source Software Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Wednesday November 21, @04:15PM from the what’s-in-a-name dept.   eldavojohn writes “I found a brief blog by Marc Fleury on something that seems to almost be an oxymoron — what you need to legally protect in Open Source Software. The short […]

  • Nintendo Patented a plan for a mobile phone!

    Wow a DS phone? article from Must Nintendo Make a Mobile Phone? Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday November 21, @10:39AM from the what-a-strange-question dept. Hiroshi writes “Earlier this year Engadget uncovered a patent filed in 2001 for a Nintendo cell phone but as we all know, nothing came of it. Now CNET is highlighting […]

  • Mandriva One 2008.0 Review

    This installation of Mandriva 2008 only took about 20 Minutes. I installed the KDE Live CD onto my laptop harddrive. Mandriva has its ups and downs though this is the first distro that I have used in the last few weeks that will actually configure your wireless and nvidia graphics card for you, and the […]

  • Open SuSE Linux 10.2 Review

    OpenSuSE 10.2 Review: I know its’ a little late for this now because 10.3 is out, but I am going to review OpenSuSE Linux 10.2 anyways. Here are the pros: Uses Gnome, KDE, or any other Window Manager that you can select from a list. Works on my laptop, though I did need to put […]

  • OpenSuSE 10.2 Review… Delayed

    I am sorry but the OpenSuSE 10.2 is delayed. I will hopefully have the review out by Monday the 19th of November.