Mandriva One 2008.0 Review

This installation of Mandriva 2008 only took about 20 Minutes. I installed the KDE Live CD onto my laptop harddrive.

Mandriva has its ups and downs though this is the first distro that I have used in the last few weeks that will actually configure your wireless and nvidia graphics card for you, and the graphics card runs xgl. Compiz Fusion was already enabled (which i like), I only had to configure the wireless to work which had only taken less than 2 minutes.

I like how this distro was able to download in less then 2 hours on bit torrent which was ok while downloading at 150Kb/s. I also downloaded the gnome Live CD which you can install via running the live CD while playing with it. The Gnome Live CD was downloading at only 20Kb/s at the most during the download and probably started seeding at around 2 AM.

The interface was easy to use and change. I am using KDE 3.5.7 which is a nice change from Gnome (I am only trying this out for a little while.) I would recommend Mandriva to anyone that likes a French Distro that really almost works out of the box.

The only problem that I had with the installation was when halfway through the setup it changed to Spanish? hmmm, I say that I can only understand English, really I cannot believe that the installer has that bug.

Well over all I will pronounce this distro one of the most useful of all the distributions that I have tried. Overall a 9/10!

Ryan Orser

next for review is g-os (otherwise known as green-os)

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