How to install KDE 4.0.2

Here are a few simple steps to installing KDE 4.0.2. As usual I do not take any responsibility for anything that might go wrong.

This is how to install KDE on Ubuntu Gutsy:

  1. Open your sources.list file from the terminal to add the new repository to the file:
    gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
  2. Paste this line of code to the end of the file to add that repositort to the file sources.list:
    deb gutsy main
  3. Save the file, then close the text editor.
  4. Now you have to update apt:
    sudo apt-get update
  5. Now install KDE 4.0.2:
    sudo apt-get install kde4-core

All you have to do is log out and log in in a session of KDE.

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