Review of the TRENDnet Wireless N Router

As you may have known over the last couple days my website for has been down. Yesterday my old 802.11G router died. So I had to get a new router. I had a little trouble setting up this 802.11N router so that I could get my server running on the web again. I figured it out this morning around 10:30 AM. I may have had it up for longer, though as I have just found out my firefox 3 doesn’t like to show that website anymore. TRENDnet is a nice router company. It makes pretty good routers. The router I bought last night cost me around $45 with taxes. It was $50 off the original price which is a nice change from what these routers usually cost. I do not know if they are clearing these routers out but these routers are very nice. This router was smaller then my last two routers. With this one working I am glad to have something of this going around and serving my pages that I have so hard to write. 

If you are wanting a wireless router that is at the N caliber then now is probably the chance to get one.

Ryan Orser

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