Gnomebaker: A CD/DVD burning application

This is practically the 2nd part of the post yesterday as I put the shows as a .iso and today I am burning them with Gnomebaker. For the most part Gnomebaker looks great, works well and has a lot of functionality. The functionality is great as I can burn DVD Images, CD Images, Video DVDs, Video CDs, Backup DVDs, and Backup CDs and after the burning is complete it tells you how long the application had taken to burn the media on to the medium, For me it was 15 minutes on a 2x. This program is efficient and works quite well. Normally I have to figure out what went wrong but this time it worked without any trouble at all. The application looks great with its GUI.  I really like Gnomebaker and not only that I will use it again. This DVD that I started burning at the beginning of the post is now done. Screen shots will be put up later.

Ryan Orser

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