Pidgin 2.5.1 (GNOME)

Hello Everyone!

I saw the polls results since putting it up yesterday at 9:00 AM PDT and I have decided to write an application review of Pidgin 2.5.1. I am not reviewing it because of the poll stats with GNOME leading with 4 votes at the time of writing this, but because I really love to use this application.

Pidgin is a great program that I have used since its GAIM days back in 2005 when I started using Linux. I had decided to try it part time when using Vector Linux 5.1 Standard and was loving it until that computer began the dreaded click… sound and after that I threw it out being an 15 year old with not that much experience with a computer. Though my family had a computer since September of 1998, I had begun to use a computer back when I was 4, yes windows 3.1. In my extended family nt Grandparents on my moms side had a computer in 1995 and in 2004 decided to get a new computer. So in all my grandparents started using one before the rest of us.

Back to Pidgin. I love this program as when I am not using my iPod Touch G1 I have used it on both Windows and Linux for atleast a year and when it was GAIM back in 2005. I have rarely since then used MSN Messenger on any computer unless it was my grandparents computer and that was because they were worried about stuff getting on their system.

The usability is great, plus I love the Graphical User Interface (GUI) because of the neat colors and really nice looking icons. The functionality is great as it has so many different clients built in to this program so that it can run so many instant messenging conversations at a time all in one tabbed window.

I have to say it is well thought out project that is getting great returns as being the defualt IM Client in Ubuntu with the GNOME Desktop Environment.

Overall I would give it a 15/15 which breaks down to 5/5 for: Functionality, Usability and the GUI.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow,

Ryan Orser.

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