(Update) VLC 0.9.4 is out

Built into the repositories the new VLC 0.9.4 is out and if you have VLC in Intrepid already and you are up to date then you already have it. For other distros I do not know if you have been updated. If you have been updated and are on another distribution other then Ubuntu Intrepid then please leave a comment and I will post it and update this post.

Thanks for everyone that dugg my post on digg about VLC 0.9.3 as it helped out my website a little bit.

The VLC 0.9.4 is a great project from the QT interface and from VLAN and I always use it to play tv shows, dvds, and other media that I have on it.

That is all for today, and again thank you for digging my post,

Ryan Orser.

You can still digg it now here

UPDATE: You can digg this post if you like at http://digg.com/linux_unix/VLC_0_9_4

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