Media Center ATI Radeon HD 3650 PCIex16 Video Card

I have a problem with this card. I bought it on September 3rd and I upgraded to Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex or Ubuntu 8.10 and I could get nothing on the login screen. I am wanting to return this and get a refund as I have a 1 year warranty on it from Diamond Multimedia. It was crashing my media center and now I have to return it as I cannot use it as Windows will not be put on the media center as for the malware that may be floating around my house from my sisters computer (that is if she even has any (which there is a pretty good chance of.))

So if anyone can get them to contact me and I have registered on their site and have created a ticket. I cannot use this card as I cannot have something that crashes the computer 5 minutes after it has been turned on.

Ryan Orser.

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  1. First check de kernel version that oyu need to install the ati driver,if this dnt match then the divece cant work, be exxample i use suse 11.0, but in suse 11.1 the driver not exist

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