Installing Ubuntu Karmic Koala Alpha 1

Ubuntu Karmic Koala comes in two installations types: Server and Alternate. I chose to install the alternate install cd as I was not going to install the server and then install a GUI.

As usual these are the specs for which I installed and am testing are:
512 MB of memory
8 MB of Video memoy
8 GB of Hard Disk

The install went very fast and was easy to do. I have not used the alternate cd for Ubuntu since Dapper Drake (Ubuntu 6.06) and I found it simple. All you have to do is tap enter a few times. Type your username and a password. Then it installs pretty fast and all you need to do is login when you restart.

Since this is alpha 1 it still has most of the same application versions and almost the same boot speed time.

Overall installation is fast, easy and a great stablability that is quite different from most alphas at the state that it is in now.

Ryan Orser.

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