Karmic Koala Alpha 2 Review

There are pros and cons of Karmic Koala. Then there are the bugs. There will be a few that I will list that I  have had the most problems with.


  • Easy to install.
  • Compiz works.

The ease of install is just great as I could probably teach my sister who is no computer literate to be able to install Ubuntu. Unlike in Jaunty Jackalope (ubuntu 9.04) compiz works. The bugs in the intel package must have been fixed as I had Compiz working out of the box. In Jaunty Jackalope the intel driver for my chipset was blacklisted.


  • Slow performance (to be expected)
  • problems updating (for me not that much of a problem to get around)
  • Hard to find packages that were in Jaunty. (all you need to do is try and update the computer)
  • Compiz slows down everything. (to be expected after getting the intel driver working on Jaunty with the same results)

So as you can tell it is a pre-beta version of an OS. I am not complaining at all. There is nothing like running a pre-beta OS that you can try and get working better by filing bugs so you can say you worked on the OS (kind of anyways.)

All in all. It is going to be a great release.

Ryan Orser

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