How to (try to) install SAM Linux 2009 (Live CD)

SAM Linux is a PCLinuxOS based Distro with the XFCE Desktop Environment.

You have to log in to use the live cd. First you see Guest Account. To log in to Guest you can use Username Guest and Password guest.

  1. Before you start to install you have to be using Root.
  2. So in the login screen use Username root, password root to login.
  3. For me it has taken me to the PCLinuxOS desktop branding.
  4. So I went to XFCE button on the bottom desktop.
  5. Next you want to go to the system menu.
  6. Click on the GTK Live install.
  7. I have this running in a virtual machine so that if anything happens it will not affect my computer.
  8. After going through the dialog boxes click close on the Dialog Box saying something about the poor mans installation.
  9. After that I went to create partitions.
  10. In the partitions  dialog box I clicked on the the EXT3 box (I believe it is in Red) and put all the amount of hard disk in the root partition: /.
  11. After you need to click OK and it will format that drive after you press ok again.
  12. After the install will start copying files.
  13. After the copying of files are done click done it will ask you if you want to save the /etc/fstab modifications.
  14. Click NO if you are using a USB flash drive.
  15. Now that it is done take out the CD.

It probably will not work as it did not for me but if you can figure it out tell me so I can update the post.

Ryan Orser.

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