How to install Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4 (VirtualBox)

Things you need for this to work:

  1. Virtualbox
  2. Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4

Before using this read the disclaimer:

  1. Install Virtualbox. If you have it installed then go to the next step.
  2. After your iso image of  Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4 has been downloaded, you will need to set up a virtual machine.
  3. To do this open Virtualbox.
  4. Click new.
  5. A dialog box will open.
  6. Click next.
  7. The second dialog box will come up saying you need to name it.
  8. Type the name you want into the textbox.
  9. Now change the OS type to Linux.
  10. The Version will automatically be Ubuntu.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Now the dialog box asks how much memory you want to allocate to this virtual machine.
  13. I would not recommend going below 256 mb which is the recommended amount of RAM.
  14. Click next.
  15. You will want to create a new hard disk.
  16. Click next.
  17. You now are in the create hard disk mode.
  18. Click next.
  19. If you have limited hard disk space click fixed sized hard drive and that will take you to an advanced menu… but for purposes of keeping this as easy as possible click next.
  20. Now it asks you to name the new hard drive and leave the size as it is at 8 GB (it is not going to be that size as I have checked a number of virtual machines that I have used.)
  21. Click Finish.

Now you will have to get the image to load on the virtual machine:

  1. Single click the Virtual Machine you have made in Virtualbox.
  2. Now click settings.
  3. Click CD/DVDROM.
  4. Click the square box saying you want to mount CD/DVD Drive.
  5. Click on ISO Image File
  6. Click the folder beside the text box.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Now you have to go to where you have downloaded the iso file.
  9. After you have clicked the file click open.
  10. Select the iso image by clicking it.
  11. Click select.
  12. Click OK.

You are now done the setting up of the Virtual machine. You are now going to install Ubuntu

  1. Double click the Virtual machine you created.
  2. Click the language that you are going to use to install. If you do not in 30 seconds it will choose English automatically.
  3. Hit Enter on Install Ubuntu.
  4. It will load the Ubuntu Installer called Ubiquity.
  5. When Ubiquity has loaded some legal will come up: This is a pre-release of the Ubuntu live CD installer. It is not a final release; that will come with the final release  of Ubuntu 9.10 in October 2009.
  6. Click Forward.
  7. Choose you language. Then Click forward.
  8. Choose you Region and then your time zone.
  9. Ubiquity will suggest a keyboard layout.
  10. After you have chosen click Forward.
  11. Ubiquity now starts the partitioner. For simplicity just click forward but bewarned it will erase the virtualbox hard drive.
  12. It will ask you for your name, name you will want to login as, password, the password repeated, name of the computer and if you want to login automatically or require a password on login. After this is done click Forward.
  13. Ubiquity may say that the password is weak. You can continue or you can return to change your password.
  14. After this you can click install.
  15. At the end of the install it will ask you to restart. Just click the button.
  16. It will begin to shutdown. at the end it will ask you to take the cd out of the tray (if any) and then click enter.

You have finished the installation. Have fun using it.

Ryan Orser.


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