How to install Civilization 4.

Here is how to install Civilization 4 in Ubuntu.

What you need:

  1. Ubuntu 9.04
  2. Wine 1.1.28
  3. Civilizations 4.

First you need to have Ubuntu 9.04 installed. Then you need to install Wine 1.1.28. Then we can start with the steps to install Civilizations 4.

  1. Put in the Civilizations 4 CD 1 to start the install.
  2. When the file manager windows opens right click on autorun.exe and click on wine programs loader.
  3. When the installer is ready click install.
  4. The next dialog box is the Install DirectX 9 so all you have to do is click Cancel
  5. Next the Install Dialog box opens. Click Next.
  6. Click next again.
  7. Click Install.
  8. When it asks for CD 2 put the 2nd disc in the drive and click OK.
  9. After it finishes click Finish.

Your done. Now you can set things up the way you want.

Ryan Orser.

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