Vector Linux 6.0 “Light Live” Released.

I would normally only report about Ubuntu or other distributions that I would normally work with, but Vector Linux was the first Linux Distro that I had ever used.

Today, Vector Linux 6.0 Light Live was released. It has a KDE Desktop and Pidgin, but you cannot install with it. The Live Install Cd should come soon. This is just a see how it looks and maybe you will want to install it when the install CD comes out.

Here is an excerpt from the release announcement: (Excerpt comes from

Robert Lange has announced the release of VectorLinux 6.0 “Light Live” edition: “The VectorLinux team is happy to announce VectorLinux 6.0 ‘Light Live’. This edition is intended as a preview of the traditional installable release. It closely mirrors the original VectorLinux ‘Light’, but some packages have been added or upgraded, including the kernel. This is a great way to test VectorLinux before committing to a hard drive install. For us who already use it, our favorite operating system is now portable. Another practical use is as a live toolbox for troubleshooting and/or repair. There is a boot option for using it as a rescue disc for a previously installed system. Re-mastering VectorLinux ‘Live’ has been made easy for those who want their very own, personalized edition.

To download Vector Linux 6.0 Light Live click Here.

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