Month: February 2010

  • Useful Linux Command

    I have found this useful Linux command called pidof. Lately I have found that Firefox has been crashing with audio in Ubuntu 9.10. I have had to kill the process before I could restart it. I tried using top to see if Firefox was using processing power still. It wasn’t. I tried looking for it. […]

  • How to setup Hauppauge-HVR-950Q in ubuntu 9.10

    I installed the latest Ubuntu so that I had a fresh install. I had tried Mythbuntu, but I found it too hard to figure out as the device was always asleep. To setup Hauppauge HVR 950Q you need to not have the usb plugged in when you install it. You should get Kaffeine. To get […]

  • Hauppauge! Wintv-hvr-950Q

    I recently bought the Hauppauge 950Q USB with antenna and it works great in Windows XP. I was wondering if it would work in Ubuntu and what programs would I need to get to watch tv with it? Thanks for the help, Ryan Orser.