How to setup Hauppauge-HVR-950Q in ubuntu 9.10

I installed the latest Ubuntu so that I had a fresh install. I had tried Mythbuntu, but I found it too hard to figure out as the device was always asleep.

To setup Hauppauge HVR 950Q you need to not have the usb plugged in when you install it.

You should get Kaffeine. To get it you should install it by using the command: sudo apt-get install kaffeine

Now to get the tv to work you need to install another package: sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg

  1. Now plug in the USB TV tuner
  2. Open Kaffeine.
  3. Go to digital TV.
  4. Under the Television Menu click configure Television
  5. Click Device 1
  6. In North America use the NTSC, (not sure what it is in other continents)
  7. Go back to General Options
  8. Click Update scan data over Internet
  9. Click OK
  10. Go to Television Menu again and Click Channels
  11. The source should say NTSC.
  12. Now you need to scan for channels
  13. Click Start scan.
  14. In the scan results the channels that are available to you will show up.
  15. You can filter what you want. Filters includes Free to air, Radio, TV, Provider: (a drop down box is below)
  16. When you want to add the channels select the ones you want by clicking add filtered or add selected.
  17. Click OK.
  18. Click the channel you want to watch

That is all for now,
Ryan Orser.

8 responses to “How to setup Hauppauge-HVR-950Q in ubuntu 9.10”

  1. Hello,
    I followed these steps for my 12.04 Ubuntu. While it seems to be detected by Kaffeine and all, when I get to the scanning for channels part, no channels show up after scan and Kaffeine says 0% signal, even though it’s connected to the antenna it came with. I also tried direct into my cable connection first, but no luck. Any ideas?

    • I wish I could help, but I am not running Ubuntu 12.04 at the moment and I am working on another project. I will try to get around to working on this project very shortly. Let me know if you can get it working.

      Ryan Orser.

    • You both do realize that this walkthrough was for a very old version of Ubuntu that is no longer getting updates, right? I will try and get through the project I am working on now and then I will work on this one again for an updated tutorial.

      One of the main problems is that I am working full time at the moment so my projects are now put to the side for weekends or days off.

      I hope to have an update soon,
      Ryan Orser.

      • I think I have found the problem in my post. I bolded the change which was ATSC to NTSC. I hope it works. I cannot check it at the moment.

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