Xbox 360 Game Review: Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 is an adventure and also an action packed game with only 2 or 3 worlds that you play on. First is Kamino where you start by escaping Vader. You also go to a city where you fight a giant boss ( it is tougher than it looks… especially when there is someone commenting on how you play the game… worst of all if they do not like to play video games and they want to watch television on the 42 inch LCD TV instead of letting the video game player play XBOX in 1080P.)

After you fight the huge monster … and I mean huge… you go to a small planet where you try to figure out your true self?! I know weird is it not? You also get to meet a jedi master. You should play the game to find out who it is. After figuring out your past, present, and possible future you go on to find the rebel base. Where you fight droids that move faster than anything you have ever seen before, fight mini arachnids, fight giant droids that look like they could squish you like a bug, and finally a giant droid arachnid who starts out by being invincible to all attacks including light saber and force. That was the toughest part of the game right there.

When you finally get through to where you want to go on the rebel base the captain of your ship gets kidnapped. Honestly can this get any cheesier? After the rebel base invasion is finished you get to try and fight the empire with a strike on Kamino. You along with General Kota (blind jedi master, who was in Star Wars: Force Unleashed) and the rebels take on Kaminos’ Cloning base where of course Vader is along the captain of your ship who was kidnapped. During the fight through space you finally crash the ship into the world while flying behind the ship destroying debris that is coming at you in almost every direction with force powers. With Starkiller (you) and General Kota split up, you both take seperate parts to attack. You get to go through the security centers, fighting two legged droids that shoot lasers or rockets and lasers, droids that have flamethrowers on there arms, and last but not least both flying and non flying storm troopers that seem to be able to be destroyed with force lightning (my favorite force power to use against stormtroopers.)

You get to climb to the top of some tall towers that look to be powered by lightning. Along the way you get to fight clones that are resistant to force with no lightsabers and clones that have lightsabers, but are not resistant to force powers.

Near the top of the towers you fight Vader. He uses force throwing for lightsabers and cloning chambers. He also uses other clones of you against you. Vader is the hardest target but if you keep after him the fight is finished really quickly if you avoid the clones that seem to follow you around.

Best part is you get to choose the light or the dark side at the very end of the battle with Vaders health very close to zero.

Overall it is a very short game. Which I found unexpected. Playing time was about 5 hours, more if you have family members commenting on your game playing abilities. It is the first game I have beaten for XBOX 360 S.

If I have to give it a rating out of 5 I would give it a 3 and a half for how short it is (1/2), game play experience (1), and graphics (2).

Ryan Orser

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