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  • 2007/04/08 Sunday: dv6000ca + Feisty Fawn = Installed

    I now dual boot: Feisty Fawn and unfortunately windows πŸ™ I know that Tom who wrote yesterdays blog would like to say that Tomorrow we will get either compiz or wireless internet working… I have just installed the OS today. that is all.

  • 2007/04/07 Saturday: Dv6000ca Works with Fiesty

    The HP Pavillion DV6000CA is a very Linux un-friendly laptop. It took me week to get it to even boot Ubuntu. But it is possible! Simply add these boot perameters: noapic pci=routeirq Next up is trying to get wireless and Compiz working, reports on these coming later. Post written by Tom.

  • 2007/04/06 Friday: 6 days til release candidate

    well release candidate is only 6 days away: Cannot wait til then.

  • 2007/04/05 thursday: Linux Mint 2.2 Beta (”KDE”)!

    here is what i think is just another copy of Ubuntu: Linux Mint. I think that it could be a little less like Ubuntu and should go and make sure that it following the path that Kubuntu has gone! The first beta release of the “KDE” edition of Linux Mint 2.2 is now ready for…

  • 2007/04/04 Wednesday: Feisty Feedback!

    Feisty Feedback has now been used to get comments on Feisty Beta. I for One think that Feisty is great. though I have run into problems such as: some packages cannot for the life of it seem to not want to get installed so in my virtual machine I am stuck with a Fiesty Fawn…

  • 2007/04/03 Tuesday: Herd 6 Cancelled?!?!?!?!

    I have just read, since i am in the mailing list, from the ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list that Herd 6 of Fiesty Fawn has been cancelled: Hi all, there will be no herd 6 release this Thursday. The reason for this is it coincides with other important freezes such as the Kernel Freeze and the fact…

  • 2007/04/01 Sunday

    How to get VNC in Command Line (cli): this is a forum of VNC Post

  • 2007/03/31 Saturday

    well I have just found one of the best blogs of this year…. it is from linux journal. It is call: Dear Microsoft, Sue This, Please I thought it was a great blog for Linux Users. : )

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the first post of I have another domain with a forum I would like to thank Tom Dryer his website is a link to his name, and I would like to thank Mr. Joel my Networking Teacher who let me use this server for hosting my website. I have used Ubuntu Linux…