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here is an excerpt from distrowatch Weekly about Fedora Core 7:

Fedora 7

Josh Boyer has announced a slight delay in the development of Fedora 7. Originally scheduled for May 24th, it will now be made available a week later, at the earliest: “We do not have a rawhide repository available as of yet, and the release and QA teams are not comfortable going into deep freeze at this point. During the Release team meeting yesterday, it was decided to slip the deep freeze date by a week at least. This will also slip the final release of Fedora 7 by at least a week.” Read more in this mailing list post.

Hopefully it will be out before June! Since that is when I will have most of my school work wrapped up! I am also almost done CCNA 2. I finished Mod 11 on Monday. I will most likely wait till next week most likely monday May 21st to do the final. I will be studying for a while so please do not expect long posts as these are the ones that are going to be done during study time!

cheers to linux!
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