2007/08/31 Lobbying Could Cause Legal Trouble for Microsoft

Here is a story about Microsoft:



Lobbying Could Cause Legal Trouble for Microsoft

Posted by Zonk on Friday August 31, @05:00PM
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Rob Isn’t Weird writes “In the wake of the exposure of Microsoft’s attempt to buy Sweden’s vote on OOXML and Sweden’s annulment of that vote due to irregularities, IBM’s Rob Weir points out that the fiasco could cause anti-trust worries for Microsoft. He quotes ALLIED TUBE & CONDUIT CORP. v. INDIAN HEAD, INC., 486 U.S. 492 (1988), which says ‘What petitioner may not do (without exposing itself to possible antitrust liability for direct injuries) is bias the process by, as in this case, stacking the private standard-setting body with decision makers sharing their economic interest in restraining competition.'”

Not good for Microsoft now is it?

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