2007/09/14 Gates Successor Says Microsoft Laid Foundation for Google

Here is a crazy story from slashdot.org:

Gates Successor Says Microsoft Laid Foundation for Google

Posted by Zonk on Friday September 14, @11:43AM
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thefickler writes “According to Bill Gates’ successor Craig Mundie, there would have been no Google without Microsoft. ‘I mean, the fact is: Google’s existence and success required Microsoft to have been successful previously to create the platform that allowed them to go on and connect people to their search servers. Now, Microsoft’s business is not to control the platform per se, but in fact to allow it to be exploited by the world’s developers. The fact that we have it out there gives us a good business, but in some ways it doesn’t give us an advantage over any of the other developers in terms of being able to utilize it.’ This comment comes from a lengthy interview between Mundie and APC magazine, which talks with the newly installed strategy and R&D head. Other interesting topics discussed include the future of Microsoft and Windows, OOXML, and and the ‘rise of Linux’ on the desktop.”

This I think is crap!


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