Civilization IV having trouble on Windows Vista?

I have read a lot about Windows Vista Compatibility issues, but when I installed Civilization IV on Windows Vista, a pop up box came up saying that “this game has some known compatibility issues.” I said what ever thats okay since I can probably run it anyways. So far it works fine with Vista, there has been no slow downs, nothing wrong with it at all. When you install it on Linux, it may be harder to install but in the end its worth it, as you can play it for less of a payload on your computer, when running on Ubuntu then on Windows Vista, so that you can enjoy it a lot more. Believe me I like Vista and all, but its been a year and a bit since Vista came out for household users and they cannot get a patch out to make it Vista compatible? There are lots of other games out there like others after it, most likely beyond the sword so that people have a better experience on Civilizations IV.

Overall Civilizations IV on Vista works quite well. If you have any problems just leave a comment.

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  1. Marcelo Says:

    I do have problems. I had it before I could not run Civ IV in Windows Vista. Thus, I re-install and it still does not work… I download the last patch and still not working…

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