IE 8 Will Be Standards-Compliant By Default

This article says that Internet Explorer 8 will be standards-compliant by default? Is it true? Will Microsoft start to comply with standards? I sure hope so as I am going to be probably be testing it out on my parents computer soon.

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IE8 Will Be Standards-Compliant By Default

Posted by kdawson on Monday March 03, @09:51PM
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Internet Explorer

A number of readers wrote in to make sure we know about Microsoft’s change of heart regarding IE8. The new version of the dominant browser will render in full standards mode by default. Developers wishing to use quirks mode for IE6- and IE7-compatible rendering will have to opt in explicitly. We’ve previously discussed IE8’s render mode a few times. Perhaps Opera’s complaint to the EU or the EU’s record antitrust fine had something to do with Redmond’s about-face.




I hope Microsoft was freaked out by Opera’s complaint to the EU or that the EU’s record anti-trust fine, though it could be both or none. Who knows other then the software giant itself.

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