Windows 7 Pre-Beta

I have found the pre-beta of Windows 7 on the net. So I downloaded it and installed it in a virtual machine. I have had a few problems:

  1. Internet drivers do not work!
  2. The new theme they showed off at PDC is not on the build as now you need a hack to get it working.
  3. When I installed the internet drivers I get “Code 10 could not start.”

That is what has happened so far and yes I know it is pre-beta and that it will not always work but for it to find the drivers, and not install them properly is a big big problem and is a big big bug. So I hope that in their beta that they will fix this problem as I have no way to upgrade to the next bug fixes.

If you have any ideas on how to get this working leave a comment and I will happily try it out.

Ryan Orser.

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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