Category: Linux

  • My First day of Work

    I am working at the PNE from today until September 5th. Lets hope it doesn’t rain. Ryan Orser.

  • My Lovely Shih Tzu

    My family and I have a lovely Shih Tzu named Liberty. She is almost 2 years old. She can do a few tricks like shake and 5 but overall she is a pretty good dog. I have attached a video of my dog doing some tricks and she almost completes everything. I like the last…

  • Over the last 2 weeks.

    I have graduated from BCIT. I wrote a Windows 7 Configuring Certification Exam and passed with 836/1000. I have also been looking for a job. Oh and those pesky allergies can go away anytime now :). Ryan Orser. PS. Happy Canada Day!

  • Under A Month to go.

    30 days left for BCIT. just finished helping my Aunt move, updated security on my wordpress blog, and now time for bed. zzzzz, Ryan Orser.

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I have been busy with a project for school and that was the good. The bad would be the canucks game on april 30th against the nashville predators and the ugly was the first round of the playoffs against the blackhawks. So yes i have been very busy. I will try to blog more in…

  • 4 Year Anniversary

    I have blogged on this website for 4 years. I will try to post more than once per month this year. As the busy end of the second year of BCIT approaches I will probably be working harder than ever to get my diploma. Ryan Orser.

  • XBox 360: Harry Potter Part 1 Singleplayer

    Last week I beat the single player mode.  I played it for about 45 hours so I am not that great of a video game player. Ryan Orser.

  • Xbox 360 Game Review: Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

    Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 is an adventure and also an action packed game with only 2 or 3 worlds that you play on. First is Kamino where you start by escaping Vader. You also go to a city where you fight a giant boss ( it is tougher than it looks… especially when there…

  • Final exams for Microsoft and Unix

    I just finished my final exam for Microsoft virtualization. I still say virtualbox is way better than anything Microsoft makes (virtualpc or virtual server) and qemu is better than microsoft hyperv, appv, and medv. I hope I got better than my midterm mark (73%) Ryan Orser.

  • Working on Civilization V on Steam in Linux

    More to come when I can get Civilization V that is run on steam working on Ubuntu. There will be a step by step how to when it works. Ryan Orser.