2007/07/19 How to install Thunderbird in Command line with yum

Well here we are again with another Fedora 7 CLi (command line) installation of a executable.

First of all you need a linux client that supports YUM (ie Redhat, Fedora)

1) open terminal

2) type ‘su’

3) type your password

4) type ‘yum install thunderbird’

5) when terminal asks you if its ok to download 23 MB (MegaBytes) of the executable type in ‘y’

6) Terminal will download all the packages and dependencies then will install.

7) after it completes type in the terminal ‘thunderbird’ to run the program.

8) Set up the email client so that it collects your mail.

9) Your done!

Update to Yesterdays post on How to install Synaptic with yum:
as you have already have seen I have looked at the synaptic again and I have seen what there is in the Synaptic: Practically nothing since its for Debian Packages. I am getting this out a day late.

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