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I got my iPad in Florida when I went on a trip to Disney world. When I got it someone had just returned this one still packaged up because their kid wanted one with more room on the solid state drive.

When I got the iPad back to my hotel I synced it with my laptop. I couldn’t use the app store as I am Canadian but I was lucky today to be able to use the app store for the first time this morning at 10 am. I downloaded a bunch of apps. It was really fast and easy to do. The only problem I had was that it was hard to find apps that looked good and were free. I got the wordpress app right away so that this review comes right from it.

Wifi is great plus it comes with 802.11 N which has a longer range than its predecessor 802.11 G. Wireless with long range is perfect for a guy like my who loves to be online a lot every waking moment of the day.

The video playback is better then my laptop as the colors are better much like a LCD television. Which we have at my house. The iPad has even better display then a lot of televisions that are around at this time. I have watched quite a few movies on this iPad and all of them look really good. I find the Latest Harry potter movie to be really dark even with the screen brightness turned up all the way but I guess that is what it is meant to be like.

The speakers are really nice too. I usually don’t wear headphones anymore as I can listen to them with my speakers. The speakers are not tinny at all and they are enjoyable to listen to.

The icons for apps are really big. I really like that so I can see the apps better. A picture is posted at the bottom to show you what it is like.

The speed of the processor is really fast. After a few days of playing on the iPad, I went back to the iPod, problem was it seemed just so slow.

The photos application is a better fit for me as I can adjust the pictures, flip them around, swipe them back and forth much easier then with my iPod touch first generation.

Battery life is phenomenal it lasts for me over 11 hours when I am playing on it and watching movies. It took a long time to get home from florida which was over 10 hours not including the car trip to the airport and from the airport to my home.

The maps application works great too as my mom and I got lost a few times when we went to Florida and I found a way to get back to our hotel from the maps application that is on the iPad.

Overall I have this where ever I go as I can use it just about anywhere with wifi. It is easy and fun to use. It has a lot of potential to be the number 1 tablet out there.

Ryan Orser.

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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  1. eha1990 Says:

    Great review. Have you been able to see if you are able to use the iPad to sync with Ubuntu 10.04 or Windows XP running in VirtualBox?

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