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  • Download ROTE2009

    Download the New ROTE2009. To Describe it: It Is a Very Basic Text Editor. To download click here (Linux users only)

  • Hockey Blog has started up

    Tomorrow I will be live blogging the NHL Entry draft. Join me at

  • Windows 7 vs. Vista

    I read in my PCWorld magazine that on the tests that they did the computers barely ran any faster with windows 7 then they did with Windows Vista. All I can say is that is a load of crap! My sister who was running Vista switched to 7 and has seen significant improvements. Her boot…

  • 44K+

    Wow someone was the 44000th visitor happened to drop by around the 9:00 to 10:00 AM range. Thanks for coming and keep on coming as there will be more posts.

  • Karmic Koala Alpha 2 Review

    There are pros and cons of Karmic Koala. Then there are the bugs. There will be a few that I will list that I  have had the most problems with. Pros: Easy to install. Compiz works. The ease of install is just great as I could probably teach my sister who is no computer literate…

  • Intel GM965 and Compiz

    You have been wondering why in Ubuntu 9.04 you have not been able to get your Intel GM965 graphics working with Compiz. There are 2 answers to this: Install Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 2) Unblacklist the driver. To install Karmic Koala is easy but to unblacklist the driver is a bit more tricky. So…

  • Google Chrome for Linux

    There is now a alpha version of Google Chrome for Linux. To download the 32-bit version: i386 .deb developement version To download the 64-bit version: AMD64 .deb development version Yes 9 long months of waiting and it is finally here the unstable version. I have been using it and it works great. However it is…

  • Installing Ubuntu Karmic Koala Alpha 1

    Ubuntu Karmic Koala comes in two installations types: Server and Alternate. I chose to install the alternate install cd as I was not going to install the server and then install a GUI. As usual these are the specs for which I installed and am testing are: 512 MB of memory 8 MB of Video…

  • What Linux Distros do you want me to review?

    The more people who want a certain distro will get their distro of choice reviewed. All you have to do is leave a comment and write which distro you want reviewed. Rules: One vote per IP No Spam. No Microsoft Products.


    Hey Happy BIRTHDAY Dad. Have a nice day at work. Ryan.