2007/07/11 Ryan Orsers’ Laptop New Operating System

I have just moved (on my laptop) from Windows Vista to Fedora 7. There was a lot of test trials on my laptop including but not limited to Mandriva (Formally called Mandrake) and PCLinuxOS.

Yesterday I put Fedora 7 on my Laptop as I was looking for some Operating System to boot…. Vista would not. So I booted up Gutsy Alpha 2 which I say is quite remarkable since still it is in Alpha…. But its Great! Then I tried Fedora 7 and I thought it boots up fast, makes the hardware run smoother and does not take up so much resources as Vista does.

Mandriva was the only Distro that worked with my hardware right out of the Box. So this means that i did not have to configure the Xorg.conf with Tom Dryer from http://tomdryer.com/blog/ and it was nice looking though along with its other distros like PCLinuxOS it has a great texture to its desktop and has nice looking icons and all that kind of stuff. It just did not feel right for it to be on my laptop. Mandriva also worked with my Graphics Card though Mandriva was using my Nvidia Drivers. The rest of the Distros that i tried defaulted to Mesa. Mandrivas’ Metisse (sorry if i spelled it wrong) 3d Window manager looked magnificent though it would have put a lot of ware and tear on my graphics. Though Metisse worked smoothly I was wondering if it would work with my BroadCom wireless card. Trust me I will try the next Mandriva and the next PCLinuxOS though I found that Fedora made my Computer run smoother and a lot faster.

So I have Decided to use Fedora which is very good though it has a few draw backs… it does not have Synaptic, and when I try to turn off Compiz I get the White Boxes….. Which is not very helpful. Though when I try to charge my Ipod it also stops charging after a while so i will have to fix that. I like Fedora a lot and I will be testing out Compiz Fusion when it comes out.

I will also be testing the New Ubuntu 7.10 along with what follows it. I may be using fedora for school next year, which is great … though if it crashes alot i may have to switch back to feisty or go to the new Gusty. I will be running VMware sometime with some new testing Distros. Anyways here is what you all have been waiting for! the Password:


Unscramble these to get the password.

Ryan Orser

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 26323

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